Direct to Garment Printing

Direct to Garment printing is a relatively new printing technology to reach New Zealand. We use a machine to print directly onto  your tshirt with special dyes that are formulated to bond with the fabric. While not quite as vivid or long lasting as Vinyl Cut, it’s still fairly well wearing and it gives you a lot more flexibility with your design.


All Prices include GST. Prices above are based on ASColour Block or Wafer garments and Vinyl Cut printing. All prints are quoted as a 24cm by 24cm size. We do not charge setup prices. We do not charge for different sized tees. 


With DTG, printing on white materials are cheaper then printing on black or other coloured tshirts, because you need to use a 2nd ink layer. The only exception is printing a black only image onto a non black tshirt, this would full into the print on white price guideline. Also with DTG, we are able to offer a print upto 30 CM long and width of the shirt wide, for a reduced cost.

Some important conditions with DTG: There is an average of a one week turn around time, at best we can manage 3 days. Also occasionally there will be miss prints or faults as part of the printing process. For orders of 7 units and above,  we will not charge you for the printing, but you will be billed for an additional tshirt.