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Love supernatural? Keep warm in the dark with this super hoodie! Available from Verboom at Armageddon and online in June. Posted via Composer

Love Resident Evil? We'll have this design available at Armageddon Hamilton! Only 2 weeks to go! Posted via Composer

We've got some awesome new hoodie designs to show you guys very soon! From Supernatural to Harry Potter! Posted via Composer


We did a photoshoot today to add some more photos of the shirts rather than just the digital mockups – it’s always nicer to see someone wearing a tee and get an idea for what it looks like IRL. Big thanks to our awesome model for her help, it’s her first time modeling and she’s […]

Loki Tees

Thanks to a customer request, I’ve added two new products this morning! If you’re big fan of the god of mischief,  check out these gorgeous Loki tees now!  

Exciting Changes

We’re hitting the 5yr mark here at Verboom, and we’re doing what any long running business does and looking at what we do well and changes we can make to do things better. One of those changes is that we’re moving our shop to Christchurch, however, we’ll still be giving you the same if not […]